The Im/perfectly Human Network
Maryann Clark

The Im/perfectly Human Network

Maryann Clark

Welcome to The Im/perfectly Human Network

Embracing the imperfections of self as a means to grow into our true calling with compassion & grace


This network is the brain child of Maryann, Founder and CEO of Maryann Clark Coaching. The mission of this platform is to build a community where individuals can confidently speak about their life struggles with mental health, cultural nuances and other limiting beliefs without fear of discrimination, criticism, and judgement.

Maryann's prayer is to help people of Asian decent to begin the self healing process and evolve into their true life purpose. 

When you join this platform, you will learn to:

+ help create and build a community that is confident on sharing hard feelings while all the while still supporting our fellow group member.

+ begin to move closer towards loving yourself, giving yourself compassion and believing you have everything within yourself right now to be the best version of yourself.

+ have the ability to share hard feelings in an safe, inclusive environment that fosters you to "feel your feelings".

+ describe your feelings to help you identify what your "inner child" needed to hear at your most vulnerable times.

+ about inhibiting beliefs that we have held on to since childhood that are not allow us to be our true selves and most authentic persona. 

+ take courageous actions forward even in the midst of the fear of the unknowns. 

+ helping those around us understand the complex way people of Asian descent communicate in order to bridge the gap of understanding between immigrant and future children of immigrant. 

About the founder

Maryann Clark is a a first generation Filipinx American, Gen-Xer, Christ follower, born and raised in The Bay Area, California. A transplant to the Phoenix area, mom of five, wife of 16 years to a supportive husband, and an active member of her local home church.  

Behind that smile is a high-functioning depressed woman who has a hard time getting out of bed most days, is anxious every time she has to do something new, hates socializing, uses food to hide her feelings and is insecure about her parenting capabilities. It’s amazing what you can hide behind a smile, right?

Through her years of managing her depression and anxiety, she has become a self-proclaimed mental health advocate. She is not shy about sharing her struggles because she has learned that being vocal and transparent helps others who are afraid to speak about their pain.

She is the founder of The Filipino Mom blog launched in 2019. The catalyst to creating this very personal blog was to help others know that their struggles are not unique; not being ok is acceptable; and encouraging others to begin to change the narrative around mental health especially in the Filipino community.

After Maryann graduated with a certificate of excellence in transformational life coaching from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in 2020, an accredited institution that follows all moral codes and ethics of the ICF, she bravely launched Maryann Clark LLC dba Maryann Clark Coaching. This has become Maryann's highest calling and desires to support as many generations of Filipino immigrants understand how to navigate the complexity of living in a different culture than their parents. She believes that many of our past hurts, unhealthy habits, and inhibiting beliefs are a result in a miscommunication between the generation. In believing this, Maryann hopes to bridge that gap of misunderstanding.

A Big Thanks

My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, your daily mercies and grace has allowed me to grow into the woman I am today. You have carried me through extremely hard moments in my life and still encourage me to have an relationship with you. 

My family and friend for being an ever present unconditional support system in the good times and most importantly the dark times in my mental health journey. Standing by me, figuratively and in spirit, no matter how my brain spoke lies to me. I couldn't have done all I have without all of you. 

Pinky Guerrero, Founder of Mark-It-Pink, for your guidance launching this platform. Your knowledge and visibility in this industry is immensely vital for our Asian people of color. 

Michelle Bissell, Founder of Perey Designs, for all of your help with logo creation, branding strategies, and  helping bring my vision to life. I couldn't have done any of this without you.

For my past, current, and future clients - Serving you is my greatest calling! I appreciate your vulnerability, time and flexibility as we build a community where we can be our authentic selves, unapologetically.

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